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  • $9.95

    Money Kit is used to help improve your financial situation. Kit includes votive candle, oil, spray,  herbal bath and instructions.

  • $6.95

    This candle is used to help bring money your way

  • $4.95

    Herbal baths are made with all natural herbs. Product includes one herbal bath and one white tea light candle

  • $6.95

    I ask the universe to bless me with happiness, success, wealth and good health.

  • $8.95

    When bad luck seems to follow you and all the doors slam shut in your face, Road Opener will reopen those doors and allow you to have choices of which road you want to take. Get your life back on track.

  • $6.95

    We all need that extra push and help to reach our true potential of success.  Whether it is to get a new job , good grades, new home or new car. Light this candle and focus on the object you want to gain success with.

  • $4.95

    Success – Attracts luck and success. They can be  used to anoint candles, worn and you can add a few drops in bath water.