• $6.95

    Tired of playing head games with the one you love?  Make your lover come to you and do as you say. Write your lover’s name and place under the candle..  Meditate on your desires while holding the candle in your hands to fully charge it and then sit back and wait for your lover to arrive.

  • $5.95

    Sculpted to resemble the male genitals, this candle is a potent aid in invoking the God and empowering spells of the male aspects of fertility, affection, desire, and lust.
    Black- fertility
    Red- fertility, affection, desire and lust
    Pink- Love

  • $4.95

    Image candles come in a variety of colors for different purposes.  The most popular being red and black. They can be used for

    • Love
    • Banishing
    • Get rid of an undesirable or other person
    • Get rid of illness
    • Separate two people