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    The idea of the knobbed candle is to burn on knob each day to bring about a special wish, or un-do an undesirable situation.

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    Made of black or red wax, this candle presents the image of female genitals, making it a powerful representation of the Goddess, and fertility. Use it in your ritual crafts to invoke the fertile, mother aspects of the Goddess for your magic or otherwise aid and empower your fertility rituals. It can also be used as a potent addition to spells of seduction and lust, if you are trying to win over the attentions of one that you desire. The candle stands approximately 5″ tall and 2 1/4″ wide with image of a vagina sculpted into its front.

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    Image candles come in a variety of colors for different purposes.  The most popular being red and black. They can be used for

    • Love
    • Banishing
    • Get rid of an undesirable or other person
    • Get rid of illness
    • Separate two people
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    Sculpted to resemble the male genitals, this candle is a potent aid in invoking the God and empowering spells of the male aspects of fertility, affection, desire, and lust.
    Black- fertility
    Red- fertility, affection, desire and lust
    Pink- Love

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    Money Kit is used to help improve your financial situation. Kit includes votive candle, oil, spray,  herbal bath and instructions.

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    This candle is used to help bring money your way

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    Herbal baths are made with all natural herbs. Product includes one herbal bath and one white tea light candle

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    Sprays are all natural made with pure essential oils. You can use the sprays as a body spray or as a room spray.

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    I ask the universe to bless me with happiness, success, wealth and good health.

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    Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Please provide guidance in my work and allow me to stay employed so that my needs can be met. I ask that you intervene to help me achieve a secure position and a higher salary in my job so that I can also help those in greater need.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I shall always pray to you because I know you listen to those who really believe.

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    We all need that extra push and help to reach our true potential of success.  Whether it is to get a new job , good grades, new home or new car. Light this candle and focus on the object you want to gain success with.