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  • $6.95

    Someone not opening to you and not telling you what is on their mind? Or not talking to you at all? Light this candle to improve communication with a lover, friend or co-worker. Communication will come in the form of phone, email, text or in person. Write the person’s name on the candle before lighting.

  • $6.95

    This candle is used to help assist with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Candle is best used during the waning moon phase.

  • $25.00

    A compatibility and relationship report that provides an in-depth description on how you relate to a partner or friend. Actually this report consists of four separate reports in one, starting with how you approach relationships, the role you tend to take on when relating to others. Click on title to see a sample report.

  • $25.00

    The Ten-Year Luck Cycles are one of the primary ways Chinese Astrologers anticipate what will happen to us during our lifetime. Each section lasts ten years, and during these years, certain ‘luck’ or luck factors are in force, influencing us. By knowing in advance what these factors are, it is possible to shape these forces to our advantage, lessening the impact of the difficult parts and enhancing the effect of the better parts. Click on title to see a sample report.

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